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Unreal the quality of content you are putting out. I've made the decision to not use NoSQL db's for certain services thanks in part to this video. Keep it up. Super informative.
I don't really often leave comments but you deserved it. Ngl, I've never seen neither more useful, nor "pleasant-to-listen" tutorials in MySQL topic. The way you, Aaron, explain things to us is out of this world, do love it!
Keep it up, I'm completely sure many people will find it useful!
// tomhatzer - let's build together! πŸš€
This course definitely needs more Aaron. It doesn't have enough Aaron. We need more!! Congrats on launching! πŸ₯³
Mateus GuimarΓ£es
one of the best duos
I appreciate how the course makes even the most challenging aspects of MySQL understandable through clear explanations and examples.
Dude you're one of the best teachers I've ever run across on the internet or in person. Thanks for what you do. I love your videos.
Justin Jackson
Your work is killer!

Whoever hires you next will be lucky to have you.
Three minutes into watching this, and I'm already loving the wonderful variety of use cases you have come up with! Feels like a NoSQL approach within a relational db
Seb Kay
Wow, this MySQL for Developers course from @aarondfrancis is genuinely amazing πŸ”₯
Holly, you have made a great decision hiring this guy! Aaron, your videos are so interesting, so helpful, every single one of them. When I was at university we had a professor for database design who took any and all interest anyone had away, by presenting databases as such a boring piece of software. I still remember you saying "I don't care about this, I just want to play with the database!" -- that showed such a great attitude, so different from those unmotivated professors back then! You're such an amazing teacher!

And Steve... Great work there at 7:20 ! I love it, I really do!
Christopher Carson
I've been messing with MySQL for at least a decade and a half. After 5 hours (not all the way through yet) I feel like I at last have some sort of clue what I'm doing. This is exactly the level of structured understanding that an app developer needs. Thanks!
Andrew "buy the dip" Brown
Loving the course so far! Made it through "Schema" already, and even though I've been using MySQL for > 15 years, definitely picked up some good pieces of information!
𝙣𝙖π™₯π™€π™‘π™šπ™€π™£ π™«π™šπ™œπ™šπ™’π™žπ™©π™šβ„’
wth? this was probably ur best video of late! i feel like i actually learned more useful techniques in today's vid than i have in the past 5 or 6 (disclosure: i very rarely do db work and am very laravel-centric so that's not necessarily a bad thing)
This is the best edutainment / ad (adutainment?) that I've seen on the internet
As a student that has taken a dbms course in mysql and hated every part of it, I can absolutely tell that I would love it had it been even a bit like this video and series in general. Thank you Aaron, this content is genuinely incredible and is making me want to actually learn the details of mysql.
I'm coming from your planetscale mysql db course and just gotta say - it's really amazing. Just the perfect level of depth, engineering knowledge and ease of use. I've been mostly the ml engineer guy through my career, now I'm switching to full-stack role and your course is really amazing for me to delve into optmizing the database shenanigans :) Thank you very much!
I saw this video and it literally solved a problem I had at work the next day. Stellar job Aaron!
Whish there is a channel like this for mongodb :( Awesome content ❀️
Thanks for the great SQL videos! They've been really helpful, especially as I'm designing a complex database schema for a multi-tenant SaaS app. I appreciate the way you break down complex concepts and explain the "why" behind things. Keep up the great work!
PlanetScale is becoming the gold standard of SQL tutorials. Did not see that coming!
It feels so weird enjoying MySQL tip videos πŸ˜„
Rusty Shackleford
This is a fantastic series. Even after 18yrs of working with MySQL daily, I've learned a few tidbits I didn't know.

MySQL for Developers: Learn MySQL with 64 videos for application developers by @aarondfrancis h/t @mscccc for hunting!
Just wow. Thank you for this SQL course !
This feature is awesome, yes. (Very)

But honestly all I want to ever do is make a promo video for something that gets even close to these vibes. 😀
Placebo Domingo | @[email protected]
πŸ‘ I'm going to push this on my new coworkers as soon as I start the new job.